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Whether you are looking for your first job in Canada or are planning to resign from your present work and transfer to another company, the best possible way for you to achieve your goal is by finding out the job openings that are currently available. But where exactly can you find the latest job openings in Canada? Here are some of the most common techniques to help you search for work.

First, you can do the traditional way of job-hunting, which involves personally going to several companies. By visiting a number of establishments, you can directly inquire about the vacancies and openings offered by each one. Moreover, you may even be interviewed on the same day you went to the company, which can quicken your job search. You have to remember though that if you choose to do the said method of finding job openings, you need to have at least five copies of your resume as this document will indeed be asked by the establishments you will apply in.

Alternatively, you can read the newspaper or visit certain Internet sites related to employment in Canada. These two forms of media have listings of numerous work opportunities posted by Canadian companies; hence, they allow you to have a wider set of options. However, you must remember to get the most up-to-date newspaper to ensure that the occupations you will read about are still open for hiring. On the other hand, if you opt to browse online job directories, make sure that the website you are browsing is recognized by major departments in Canada.





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